Monday, February 28, 2011

Ramblings on the hall

So I am thinking of putting a old window up with either a barn star or a berry wreath on the wall. Then using a black chair and zebra pillow. Hopefully this wont look to strange lol! Then the other wall that is by the landing I have a cute vinyl pharse that I got from Stampin up that will look oh so cute!

Sneak Peak...

Ok so here is the start of a project...

Valspar Plastic Paint
Giant Clothespin

hmmmmmm... I hope it turns out cute!

Shopping... and the weekend progress!

So today it was rainy and yucky so I did some retail thereapy and went to Christmas Tree Shop... on the prowl for a cute berry wreath to hang on a window. No such luck all the wreaths were way to seasonal and cheap looking. I would like something that I can leave up most of the year.... Despite the fact that I did not find what I was looking for, I found plenty of goods! ...

$3.99 LARGE Barn Stars ( I have plans for these, I was going to buy a large white one at JoAnn's for $15 (and that was %50 off!!!!) )

$2.99 Area Rugs I am going to turn these into a runner

$6.99 Chicken Wire Basket... I am thinking spring thats all I have to say!

And some bath mats for $.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ekk awesome

This weekend I worked on painting the hallway... It is "Misty Surf" by Olympic I am almost done then the trim to do...  however my mom made a comment the other day how she likes to paint trim... I think I am going to take her up on that deal!

Here are the "goods" !!!

Here is the Hall!!!!! YAY!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lovely Curtains

These are the curtains I am thinking of getting for our back room, we have red sheers in there now and it isn't quite the look I want. I got them when we first got married because they were cheap. They have been great but I am looking for a lighter, clean and crisp look...

These are from...


Dresser turned Buffet

So here is the before of a dresser I did this summer that I turned into a buffet for storage for our dinning room. I will post the after tomorrow... gotta take some pictures!

This was a dresser that was in my room as a kid !


A Lovely Lamp

So this lamp makes me smile... enough said

It is fun, funky and cute all in one. Or at least I think so... please don't mind the zebra fabric in the background I just got done washing it and somehow  it landed on that chair.... hmmm.  So yesterday was a balmy 60 degrees outside and sunny, today on the other hand is cold, snowy and windy and 20 degrees. With this yucky weather Sam and I ventured out to Home Goods and Lowes... for fun! I saw this in the clearence section for $18!!!!!!!!  It was originally $60. I scooped it up and bought it. The shade is a bit bent but I am sure I can fix it. I need to make a cord cover for it since it is on the back of the chair and looks yucky...
The table was a $7 salvation army find so at lowes I bought some paint to paint that this weekend. 


After... A Chair Worth Saving

So I spray painted it this summer with $.50 spray paint that I had got a JoAnn 's on clearence... AWESOME!!!! So I sprayed it and it sat in the garage until I had a burst of inspiration about a month ago and decided it was time to rearrange my living room and add some seating. I went to JoAnn's and bought some home decor fabric used a trusty staple gun and went to town. This is the end product. I also added a fat quarter pillow that I made in about 10min wah lah!


Before... A Chair Worth Saving

A chair worth saving...

This chair was part of a beautiful dinning room set of my Grandma Haney, unfortuently I never got to know her. My sister in law used to have these chairs in her house and then I spray painted the seat black... awesome right? Not really sure what I was thinking... anywho here is the before................

 - Kate


So I decided to start a blog of all things crafty, lovely, food and decorating my home! I get so much inspiration from looking at everyone else's blog so why not???? Hope you enjoy!