Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Lovely Lamp

So this lamp makes me smile... enough said

It is fun, funky and cute all in one. Or at least I think so... please don't mind the zebra fabric in the background I just got done washing it and somehow  it landed on that chair.... hmmm.  So yesterday was a balmy 60 degrees outside and sunny, today on the other hand is cold, snowy and windy and 20 degrees. With this yucky weather Sam and I ventured out to Home Goods and Lowes... for fun! I saw this in the clearence section for $18!!!!!!!!  It was originally $60. I scooped it up and bought it. The shade is a bit bent but I am sure I can fix it. I need to make a cord cover for it since it is on the back of the chair and looks yucky...
The table was a $7 salvation army find so at lowes I bought some paint to paint that this weekend. 


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