Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laundry Room...

The laundry room... more commonly know as the corner of the basement where it is dark and I wash our clothes to perfection! 

Here she be now...

So my ideas are...

Paint peg board... I am thinking either a light green or the "linen white" by Benjamin Moore that we have already

Paint cement block wall

fix window... add molding and a curtain 

Clean up wires, outlets etc.

Take down old shelfs and add one big "chunky" shelf ... Over at House of Smith's she has great ideas for this

Maybe some new lighting?

Take down dog cage and make storage space for the shop vacums 

Add somewhere to hang clothes


and of course

decorative accents


one more thing............

MAYBE VINYL TO THE DRYER DOOR??? What do you think???

Hope to start working on this soon!


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